2018-2019 Program Dates and Fees

Winter 2018

Lex Fellowship Winter Sessions have a duration of 2 weeks and begin and end in the following dates:

Session 1: December 8 - 22

Session 2: December 29 - January 12

Summer 2019

Lex Fellowship Summer Sessions have a duration of 4 weeks and begin and end in the following dates:

Session 1: May 19 - June 15          

Session 2: June 16 - July 13

Session 3: July 14 - August 10

Limited Accommodations regarding PROGRAM dates can be made upon request, for more information please contact us at contact@lexfellowship.org

Program Fees

Fees for a 2-week program range from $2,499.00 to $2,899.00 depending on location.

Fees for a 4-week program range from $3,999.00 to $4,599.00 depending on location.

Click here to see our 2018-2019 available locations.

All program fees are paid in two instalments:

  1. Enrollment Fee: $900 non-refundable enrollment fee, which confirms and reserves your spot within the fellowship. The Enrollment Fee is paid two weeks after the date of acceptance.

  2. Program Fee: comprises the total cost of the Fellowship minus the Enrollment Fee. This fee is typically paid one month after the date of acceptance.*

    * NOTE: Program fees vary depending on program length and destination.

Both of the fees combine to cover the cost of the Fellowship, including housing.

Note: Fellows that submit both fees simultaneously receive a 5% discount on the total fee.

Flights are paid for separately by the Fellow.

Program Fee Coverage

  • Housing accommodations

  • Pre-departure and real-time training from experienced legal scholars

  • Planned meals: weekly breakfast and numbered lunches/dinners

  • Travel and health insurance

  • Weekly Excursions

  • On-site transportation

  • Legal Advisor

  • Site Manager

  • Emergency phone


Once candidates have been identified as qualified to attend the Lex Fellowship, we do all we can to aid in making it financially feasible.

Once admitted, Fellows are given personalized attention from one of our team members around finances, and are given access to years' worth of insights, tips, and tricks around reducing and subsidizing costs.

To start helping you right away, though, follow the link below to view our Fundraising Packet.