From small and local to large and globally ranked.

Our Fellows  achieve a deep, profound understanding of the various types of law and firms that exist by visiting dozens of firms across the four weeks in the summer.

Visiting, on average, two firms per day, our Fellows are given time to converse at length with top practitioners in Madrid, while still allowing them to experience as many firms as possible. During this time the Fellows interface with attorneys with years or decades of experience – experience they then pass on to our Fellows in a matter of hours.

Below is but a sampling of the firms we visit:


Name: Muñoz Arribas

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

Self-Description: Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P., has more than 30 years of experience and specializes in insurance law, with a special emphasis on Civil Liability, Labor Law and Social Security. At both the national and international levels they act in the workplace, prevention of occupational risks and Social Security. 

Practice Areas: Insurance, Civil Liability, Labor Law, and more

Top Awards

  • Intellectual Property Firm of the Year (2015)
  • Trademark Attorneys of the Year and Award for Innovation in Anti-Piracy

Name: Osborne Clarke

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Self-Description: Like all law firms, they're perfectly aligned to the core sectors of our clients. But their thinking is what really sets them apart. They're uniquely focused on the issues driving change and shaping the brave new world of international business. They apply that fascination of the future to every shape and size of business that they meet.

Practice Areas: Digital, Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Other

Top Awards

  • Firm of the Year in IT and Distribution, Trade and Logistics Law (2017)
  • OC's CEO, Wins Exceptional Achievement Award
Lex - Firm - Kennedys.png

Name: Kennedys

Headquarters: London, England

Self-Description: Kennedys is a global law firm with expertise in dispute resolution and advisory services. They handle contentious and non-contentious matters for many industries, and provide claims and coverage advice to insurers and self-insureds for all lines of business across the globe, regardless of their particular size or scope.

Practice Areas: Insurance, Personal Injury, Corporate

Top Awards

  • UK Law Firm of the Year (2017)
  • Best L.A. Insurance Firm of the Year (2016)
  • Legal Tech Team of the Year (2016)

Name: Ernesto Diaz-Bastien

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

Self-Description: The personalized legal service EDB offers is based on the ability to study the most demanding cases. To properly carry out personalized legal services as they conceive them, it is of the utmost importance to combine experience with innovation.  Tradition should combine with our profession’s dynamism in order to deliver the best product.

Practice Areas: Human Rights, Civil and Commercial, Criminal, Other

Top Awards

  • Counsel of the International Criminal Court (2017)
  • Who's Who Legal: Named Among Best in Criminal Investigation (2017)

Name: Baylos

Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain

Self-Description: BAYLOS is one of the main law firms in Spain within the fields of litigation, Industrial and Intellectual Property and other related legal areas. It has always characterized by the quality, agility and efficiency at work, standing out as a boutique in the fields of litigation and IP, where it enjoys a wonderful reputation.

Practice Areas: Litigation and Intellectual Property

Top Awards

  • Best firm in Spain (2017)
  • 3rd most innovative firm in continental Europe
  • Top 5 most attractive employers (2016)

Name: GTA Villamagna

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

Self-Description: GTA Villamagna is a law Firm founded by Felipe Alonso and Ernesto García-Trevijano Garnica, recognized standing professionals with over thirty years of experience in the civil service and the private legal practice. They are built upon the values of Legal Rigor, Initiative and Creativity, Adding Value, Customer Attention, International Focus.

Practice Areas: Litigation, Tax, Commercial, Corporate, Financial

Top Awards

  • The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East, Africa (2017)
  • Recognized by the Chambers Europe international directory (2017)