Tackle a different legal challenge every day.

Each day of the Lex Fellowship follows a similar structure, but no day is the same. Expect to tackle a variety of legal challenges and learning opportunities over the course of your Fellowship.

Mornings (Monday - Friday)

Firm Meetings. Lex Fellows meet with firms every morning from 9:30 to 12:30. Within the first hour, Fellows become acquainted with the firm’s partner and listen to introductory remarks about its specialty and practice.

Following this session, Fellows work for one hour on a real-life case provided by the firm. In some instances, Fellows will be asked to produce different types of legal documents.

During this time, Fellows work closely with their Legal Advisors. Because of the complexity of the cases and the law, Fellows are encouraged to read the case documentation provided in the Lex Casebook prior to this session.

The group spends the last 30-60 minutes of the morning evaluating the Fellow’s analysis and conclusions. The firm’s associates provide legal insights and first-hand expertise.

Lunch & Network. On certain days of the week, Lex Fellows may be given the opportunity to enjoy a light lunch with the partners after the conclusion of the morning session.

Afternoons (Monday - Friday)

Legal Training. During the afternoon learning opportunities offered throughout the week, Fellows can broaden their understanding through informational sessions about such topics as public law.

Office Hours. Legal Advisors contribute their ample knowledge and personal experience by guiding Fellows in the ins and outs of law school applications, resume building, and interview skills.

Group Dinners. Twice a week, Fellows spend time enjoying each other’s company and their city’s cuisine through group dinners.


Every Saturday, Fellows participate in an organized full-day excursion to nearby cities and attractions. For the rest of the weekend, they are free to immerse themselves in the history, art, and culture of the city around them.