Q: Do I need to speak the language?

A: No. The professionals with whom we interact are conversational, if not fluent, in English.

Q: What is housing like?

A: Housing varies by location and session. Depending on your Fellowship selection, you may stay in a university dorm, an apartment, or international student housing. You may be in the city center or in the outskirts. Fellows can expect to have at least one roommate of the same gender.

Q: Why would I go abroad when I plan on studying in the U.S.?

A: The structure and exercise of the legal profession follows similar patterns world-wide. While the legal systems in Europe and America are different, Fellows delve deeply into the study of legislative applicability, legal analysis, and the skills needed to work with a legal mindset. The international environment provides an opportunity for global perspective building and comparative analysis.

Q: By when do I have to apply?

A: Our admissions process is rolling; thus, the answer to this questions depends on the Fellowship you wish to attend, and when you requested your application. Click below to find out more about our program dates:

Q: Finances are tight. How can I afford the program?

A: While we don’t offer scholarships directly, we have received feedback from past Fellows about resources that worked well in helping them raise funds to participate in our program. Additionally, many Fellows pursue a paid opportunity for the part of the summer when they are not overseas with us. Consider the following options:

  • Speak with both the study abroad and financial aid office on campus to see what resources they can provide or point you towards.

  • Talk with your family and support system about the Lex Fellowship to see what financial support may be available from them.

  • Write support letters to your network explaining why you are pursuing this opportunity and what types of support would be helpful to receive from them.

  • Partner with a local restaurant to host an event where part of the proceeds go towards your trip.

  • Reach out to local law firms or lawyers requesting sponsorship.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for the Lex Fellowship?

A: We accept current undergraduates at four-year institutions, those about to enter undergrad in the fall, and those who have just graduated within the last six months. Fellows are usually between 19-20 years old.

Q: How competitive is the application process?

A: There is no finite number of students we accept. As an educational program, we hope to include as many students as possible. Therefore, we accept all qualified persons, meaning that you compete only against yourself. So long as an applicant is professional, serious about the law, and rightly motivated to participate in the Fellowship, he/she has a strong likelihood of being accepted.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Begin the process by visiting our Apply page, and completing the Application Request form. 

Q: What Visa will I need?

A: U.S. citizens enjoy a 90-Day travel privilege within the EU; therefore, no visa is required. For non-U.S. citizens, visas may be required. 

Q: What if I have conflicts with the dates?

A: Our team works alongside Fellows; if need be, Fellows may defer to later dates. Please contact our team to assess your situation.

Q: How will we all stay in touch?

A: Each Fellow is provided a basic emergency phone that may be used to communicate with the Lex Fellowship’s emergency contact.

Q: How does the networking work?

A: Lex Fellows have the opportunity to meet with lawyers throughout the entire Fellowship at firm visits, networking lunches, and elsewhere. Fellows are encouraged to obtain business cards and follow up.

Q: Why should I do Lex instead of a paid internship?

A: Understanding the legal world becomes increasingly important when you are determining whether to make an investment in law school. Often, traditional internships, although paid, are marked by lower-level administrative work that does not give you a clear understanding of the law and its different fields of practice. Lex is intentionally designed to guide students toward a better understanding of the legal field while preparing them for their first year of law school. Click here to see how the Lex Fellowship can build your resume.