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Our Fellows travel to Madrid, Spain to experience nothing but the best of real-world, hands-on legal internships

A combination of the best elements of legal internships, the Lex Fellowship is designed to help students gain real-world legal insight and experience. 

In cohorts of 15-20, Lex Fellows travel to 20+ Madrid, Spain law firms that range in size and legal discipline, in order to meet with and learn from their Lawyers and Managing Partners. What's more, Fellows work on real-world case exercises before their visits, and then go to speak with the Lawyers who argued that very case, to see their thought process, methodology, and insights.

Additionally, based on the particular program, Fellows may be able to sit in on client meetings and depositions, go to trial, and/or work in a firm for a brief period.



There is no cost to apply.

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Insightful Legal Conversations

Career Reflection

Firm Visits

Pre-Law Fellows

Real-World Advice


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Innovating Pre-Law Education


Today, Pre-Law Students. 

Tomorrow, Leaders.


No matter where they are on their Law School journey, Lex Fellows leave confident about the direction of their future.

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Innovating Pre-Law Education

Based in Washington, D.C. USA

The Lex Fellowship is based in the Washington, D.C. metro area. We were founded with a vision of changing Pre-Law education through ethical international hands-on, experiential learning. Our mission is to build better equip students with the knowledge, insights, and perspectives they need to best direct their career paths and discern law school.

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