Firm Highlight: ISLAW Abogados

Enrique Rubio Socorro is an associate at the Madrid-based law firm ISLAW Abogados. ISLAW specializes in Maritime and Transport Law, Labor Law, Corporate and Fiscal Law, Energy and Environmental Law, Civil Liability, Insurance and Reinsurance, Procedural Law and International Arbitration and Contracting. Here, Enrique shares about his experience working with Lex Fellows.

Enrique, describe your field of law and the case you presented to the Fellows.

Our practice is focused on shipping law, which has to do with any incident happening in the sea. This includes the carriage of goods by sea, sale and purchase of vessels, collisions, sinkings, marine pollution, ship finance, charter parties disputes, etc.

The case studied together with the Fellows was about a vessel arrest procedure to recover a debt from the shipowner, which arose from unpaid bunkers that were delivered to the vessel.

Describe your experience interacting with the Fellows.

It has been a pleasure for me to share a morning talking with the Fellows about shipping law, which is such an interesting but not very popular field of law. I really enjoyed sharing my own experience as a lawyer and talking about how I ended up practicing maritime law. Someone talked through this with me some years ago and, thanks to his advice, I can say I made the right decision when I chose my specialization.

How does The Lex Fellowship help to prepare students for a legal career?

I would say The Lex Fellowship helps students to have a better idea about what the law is and what its different fields consist of. This is of vital importance nowadays in ensuring that students make the right decision when deciding their future careers. The Lex Fellowship Program provides students a great opportunity to get know the different fields of law and how they work and interact, their particularities and features.

Would you host the Fellows again?

Of course.