Meet with diverse lawyers + work on real cases.

The Lex Fellowship offers rotational legal experience + pre-law mentorship for bright students interested in legal careers.


Spend four weeks rotating between law firms in either Madrid or D.C.

While most legal interns engage in tasks, such as copy editing, that teach little about the field of law itself, Lex Fellows work on actual, modified cases with a team of like-minded peers and their Legal Advisor, a student from a top 50 U.S. law school. Visiting as many as 15 different law firms in their selected host city (Madrid or D.C.), Fellows present and discuss their work with lawyers and partners from some of the best firms.

Explore the main facets of the Fellowship:


Case Work

Legal Advisors




— Alumni Highlights and Reviews —


“This was a wonderful opportunity to shape others positively through academic, professional, and relational development, and I am thrilled to have been a part of making that effort a reality.”

Isaac, Harvard Law School, legal advisor 2018


“The Lex Fellowship revolutionized the way I understand my career goals and provided me with the intellectual foundation necessary to achieve them.”



“You are able to learn which areas of law interest you, which spark the yearning for knowledge, and from this you are able to become more self-aware and determined in what you envision your future to be.”

liberty, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, Lex fellow 2017

Explore our Fellowship locations:

Washington, D.C.


Lex Fellows hail from different states and universities, including:

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Note: these colleges and universities are listed for informational purposes only; they do not constitute or imply an endorsement or approval by any of the institutions of the Lex Fellowship.

And visit many types of firms:

Note: these firm names are listed for informational purposes only; they do not constitute or imply an endorsement or approval by any of the firms of the Lex Fellowship.


Today, Pre-Law Students. 

Tomorrow, Leaders.


No matter where they are on their law school journey, Lex Fellows leave with greater confidence about their career direction.

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