Learn how the Lex Fellowship prepares students to be better law school applicants:

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Experience law before you study law.

Interested in pursuing a legal career? Complement your classroom studies with hands-on learning through the Lex Fellowship’s immersive legal education program. Real-world exposure to various fields of law and mentorship from a current law student prepare Lex Fellows to be better and more confident law school applicants.

Students who completed a Lex Fellowship in Summer 2019 report advancing significantly in their preparation for law school, according to a study that assessed them on the American Bar Association’s statement of the core skills of successful law students. Overall, 81% of Lex Fellows believed they had progressed on these competencies, which include problem solving, critical reading, relationship-building, public service and promoting justice. According to Lex’s Chief Academic Officer, Brian Whalen, “This data shows the significant educational value of the Lex Fellowship and how it is helping to educate the next generation of attorneys and legal professionals.”


Lobna A. | American University of SharjaH

“Compared to my other experiences, like my legal internship, Lex has been very unique, both in terms of getting to discover different fields of law, which is more diverse than just doing an internship, but also getting to connect with different types of lawyers on a daily basis.”

Firm Visits

Lex Fellows gain a deep understanding of various fields of law by meeting with different firms and legal institutions over the course of their Fellowship experience. Learn more here.


Jennifer K. | Brigham Young University | ‘19 Lex Fellow

“I think the most valuable opportunity has been to go to different firms and to have the opportunity to work on cases with [the attorneys] and to give our own opinions... then we also get the opportunity to hear their expertise. It’s been a great experience for me to figure out what type of law I’m most interested in and to figure out if this is really want I want to do with my life.”

The Legal Associate

The Legal Associate is an integral part of each Lex Fellow’s experience. A current law school student who has recently navigated the law school application process, the Legal Associate is uniquely equipped to offer guidance and advice. Learn more about the role of the Legal Associate here.


Isaac S. | Harvard Law School | ‘18 legal Associate

“This was a wonderful opportunity to shape others positively through academic, professional, and relational development, and I am thrilled to have been a part of making that effort a reality.”

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Case Work

Through analyzing cases involving a broad range of legal issues, Fellows hone their skills and discover fields of law they may have never considered, providing clarity for their future career path. Learn more here.


liberty Q. | ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY | ‘17 Lex fellow

“You are able to learn which areas of law interest you, which spark the yearning for knowledge, and from this you are able to become more self-aware and determined in what you envision your future to be.”

Fellowship Locations

Washington, D.C.



Today, Pre-Law Students. 

Tomorrow, Leaders.


No matter where they are on their law school journey, Lex Fellows leave with greater confidence about their career direction.

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