Madrid: Where Law Comes Alive

Madrid is both a legal and cultural hub. Law flourishes here, and people come from all over the world to see the rich, vibrant city.

The Lex Fellowship began its programs in Madrid based on the firms' work, impact, and purpose, as well as on a near ubiquitous desire among U.S. students to visit. The culture is unique, manifesting in such ways as a 2.5hr lunch, and the Fellows have historically loved such exposure to different ways of approaching work and professionalism.

Why go to Madrid, Spain?

Most of our Fellows return to work in the United States, so why go abroad?

By going abroad, Fellows not only get a taste of international culture, but also international law, thereby better able to compare and contrast the legal systems and understand more deeply the essence of law. Fellows return to the United States with a fuller, more comprehensive understanding of the law, so as to apply it to whichever practice they pursue.