Firm Highlight: BTMK Solicitors

Based in Essex, England, BTMK Solicitors is a law firm dealing with personal and business law. During the summer 2019 visit of Lex Fellows, Managing Director Nitin Khandhia presented on commercial litigation, injunctions and data breach. In the following post, he shares about his experience.

BTMK have been extremely proud to work alongside the Lex Fellowship this year.  We have met and engaged with three separate groups of prospective lawyers from the USA and it has been an extremely fulfilling project for us to participate in.  At BTMK, we have a huge commitment to training and growing our future lawyers from within our organisation and it was great to be able to give an insight of the way we do things at a regional law firm to students from all across the USA. 

Students LEX.jpeg

The Lex Fellowship is a brilliant and unique opportunity for those lucky enough to participate - to see how a firm abroad works differently to one in their own jurisdiction.

The students all managed to engage in a case study based on one of our recent High Court matters. They appeared to be bright and had clearly prepared their responses and no doubt with the guidance of the Legal Adviser.

The Fellows were extremely attentive, very polite and I received a number of follow up enquiries from them after they had been provided with my contact details. The Lex Fellowship should be congratulated on being able to bring together a complex programme such as this to their students.  We'd be delighted to participate again in the future.

Read more about the partnership on the BTMK website here.