Our goal is to prepare students interested in law to succeed.

The Lex Fellowship was born from the desire to contribute to society through the formation of the next generation of legal leaders. We aid students in the discovery of their professional path and intellectual interests through direct exposure to the legal profession.


Lex Fellows are students who are interested in pursuing a legal career and want to complement their classroom learning with real-world experiential learning.

Whether or not they're certain of going to Law School, Fellows partake in the Lex Fellowship to broaden and deepen their understanding of the law.

By speaking and with and learning from Lawyers with decades of experience, Fellows are able to understand in a matter of mere hours with each firm what would otherwise take entire careers to learn.

By living it, working on real-world cases, rather than merely reading about it or watching videos on it, Fellows are able to truly understand each legal discipline.

Following the program, Fellows go forth confident about their career path.


The Fellowship is a comprehensive legal education program that primarily consists in: 

  1. Traveling abroad to meet with managing partners and lawyers from legal disciplines such as Intellectual Property, Criminal, Environmental, Corporate, and more.

  2. Working through the firms' cases, and then reviewing said cases with the lawyers to understand their thought processes, methodologies, and analytical skills.

  3. Networking with law firms that most interest you.

The Lex Fellowship: Maximized Learning

The Lex Fellowship is how students determine if they want to go to law school, and, if so, what type of law they want to study.

Read some of our favorite articles from Harvard Law School, LSAC, LawSchooli, and others on the various facets we develop in our Fellows.

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Independent Thinking

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Stand Out

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Strong Cohorts

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Legal Knowledge

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Work Familiarization