Partner Firms

Lex Fellows gain a deep understanding of various fields of law by visiting a variety of firms and legal institutions over the course of their Fellowship experience. During firm visits, Fellows interface with experienced attorneys who not only practice the highest standards of professional excellence, but who consider it a privilege to meet with and advise future legal professionals. By tackling cases and discussing their analysis with partner attorneys, Fellows are able to better understand the firm’s legal reasoning approach and determine whether they are interested in learning more about its particular field of specialty.

Partner Testimonials & Highlights

Elaine Fitch | Partner | Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch

“I think [the Lex Fellowship] gives [students] an opportunity to learn about different areas of law, and to come in and hear about the various career choices from practitioners, be it big firms or small firms or the government. I was really impressed with how they worked through the case. I tried to keep it simple, but ‘failure to accommodate’ is a fairly complex subject, and there were some really good questions in there. I think [the Fellowship] gives them the opportunity to consider some of the issues and to really think about whether law is the right path for them. Many people - when I went to law school - didn't stop to think about that. So I think this is really helpful for them.”

Nitin Khandhia | Managing Director | BTMK Solicitors

“BTMK have been extremely proud to work alongside the Lex Fellowship this year. We have met and engaged with three separate groups of prospective lawyers from the USA and it has been an extremely fulfilling project for us to participate in. At BTMK, we have a huge commitment to training and growing our future lawyers from within our organisation and it was great to be able to give an insight of the way we do things at a regional law firm to students from all across the USA. The Lex Fellowship is a brilliant and unique opportunity for those lucky enough to participate - to sample what it's like to be a lawyer abroad. The students all managed to engage in a case study based on one of our recent High Court matters and the Lex Fellowship should be congratulated on being able to bring together a complex programme such as this to their students. We'd be delighted to participate again in the future.”

Enrique Rubio Socorro | Associate | ISLAW Abogados

“The Lex Fellowship program provides students a great opportunity to get know the different fields of law and how they work and interact, their particularities and features. I really enjoyed sharing my own experience as a lawyer and talking about how I ended up practicing maritime law. Someone talked through this with me some years ago and, thanks to his advice, I can say I made the right decision when I chose my specialization.”

More Partner Firms

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