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Reviews from Some of Our Team, Who May Be on Yours

I not only found professional development value in getting to coordinate meetings with law firms and legal professionals for the enrichment of these students, but working with The Lex Fellowship was first and foremost an opportunity to pour into the lives of future leaders to help provide valuable mentorship, advice, and encouragement as they make important life decisions about academics and career paths. This was a wonderful opportunity to shape others positively through academic, professional, and relational development, and I am thrilled to have been a part of making that effort a reality.
— Isaac S., Legal Advisor, Harvard Law School
The Lex Fellowship provides an incredibly unique opportunity to network with attorneys from all over the world. Seeing the fellows develop their understanding of the legal concepts we were learning and gain confidence in themselves throughout the program was such a joy. Many of the fellows I have worked with have continued to make strides towards being successful law school candidates, and gearing from many of them about how the fellowship has continued to impact their education to this day has been incredibly rewarding.
— Sydney S., Legal Advisor, Washington College of Law
The Lex Fellowship is a fortuitous and unique opportunity for those who are considering attending law school and life after the bar. Through Lex, students will be immersed in the life of a junior associate: working on cases, collaborating with peers, discussing recommendations with senior partners, and learning about the myriad of practice groups available to a modern practitioner. This is more than fetching coffee, this is actual, experiential work that will help you learn and grow as a prospective law student and lawyer.
— Tyler K., Legal Advisor, Georgetown Law School
I think this program is extremely valuable to someone considering a career in law because it gives you an insight into different career paths that attorneys can take. Additionally, it gives fellows the opportunity to learn about different practice areas and hopefully a better idea of what they would enjoy practicing. The professional aspect of it also gives students a solid introduction to what sort of behavior is expected from them if they pursue law. Overall, it’s an excellent program that gives students an opportunity to experience another country and learn about a career in law at the same time.
— Shadia A., Site Manager, University of Notre Dame

Reviews from Some of Our Fellows

— Kyleigh R., Liberty University
Lex opened my eyes to new ideas. It helped me with career discernment, allowed me to meet lawyers that I wouldn’t have met in a different situation, so I’m grateful for that. I became more responsible and more independent because it was my first time away from home. And it made me more studious because of the research we did.
— Ishmail H., North Carolina Wesleyan
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— Lobna A., University of Najara
— Connor W., University of Florida
I loved seeing Madrid and the surrounding countryside with a group of students committed to learning about the law and culture of Spain. The Lex Fellowship revolutionized the way I understand my career goals and provided me with the intellectual foundation necessary to achieve them.
— Razi, Hillsdale College, Spring 2017
The unique aspect of the Lex Fellowship is that it’s so diverse. You don’t have to remain boxed into Corporate Law, for instance. You can experience Intellectual Property and so many other practice areas, so it’s such an incredible opportunity, and so I totally think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
— Deandra D., Hofstra University
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Not only is it a chance to spend a month in a different country and culture, but it gives a wealth of knowledge of the legal profession from a different cultural viewpoint. You are able to learn which areas of law interest you, which spark the yearning for knowledge and from this, you are able to become more self-aware and determined in what you envision your future to be.
— Liberty, Arizona State University, Spring 2017
I honestly believe there is no other experience like it. It is such a unique professional, as well as cultural experience. I learned so much about the different areas of law, as well as the day-to-day activities of various lawyers. Being able to talk to lawyers from many different backgrounds and focuses, has served to renew my confidence in a legal career.
— Jordane, Florida State University, Spring 2017

- Distinguished Alumni Profile -

Name: Ishmail Harris

Ishmail Harris (North Carolina Wesleyan College '18, Lex '17) was the honorary recipient of the distinguished Widger Leadership Scholarship from the Villanova University School of Law. Read on to learn about his story!

1. Tell us about your scholarship.

"It's called the Widger Leadership Scholarship. It entails a 3-year full tuition scholarship, personal mentoring by Mr. Widger himself and the Board of the law school for all three years (Mr. Widger is the Founder and head of Brinker Capital and a Villanova law school alumnus), assistance in getting a 1-L externship, and access to leadership development coaching and training. It also comes with responsibilities: as a Villanova student and alumnus, I will support other students, and I'm given preparation to be a leadership mentor for others.

The recipient is someone the university believes not only has a strong inclination toward law and business and leadership, but also the greatest potential in and outside the classroom."

2. What role did the Lex Fellowship play in your success?

"The Lex Fellowship opened my eyes to new ideas. It helped me with career discernment, allowed me to meet lawyers that I wouldn't have met in a different situation, so I'm grateful for that. It allowed me to travel to Madrid and learn about the unique topic of Spanish law. It helped me grow as a person and I as able to develop those weeks: I became more responsible and more independent because it was my first time away from home. And it made me more studious because of the research we did [in the prep meetings]."

3. How did the Fellowship help with your career discernment?

"It reinforced that I wanted to practice corporate law. But I also learned a lot about types of law that I found interesting and unique such as maritime law and intellectual property. When I met with corporate lawyers, I was interested, intrigued and excited and they were too to meet me. I still email and talk to [several of the Lex '17 speakers] to get their advice. 

I still keep in touch with my fellow Lex Fellows and we often make plans to see each other. I'm grateful for these connections with my peers."

4. What were the highlights of your Lex Fellowship experience?

"The firms were a big highlight. The food is an amazing highlight. The mentorship from the staff was a highlight: they cared about us as people and as future professionals, and stressed that we take advantage of every opportunity on the Fellowship. I loved the city [of Madrid], Segovia, Toledo, and the Gothic cathedral [in Toledo]. The tours and medieval castles [in Segovia] were interesting. Many agree including myself that the world we live in is moving towards greater globalization. It is to one's own benefit to become well traveled and see all that the world has to offer to understand each other more. This is important from a professionalism aspect as well as growing and improving as a person. The Lex Fellowship was my first step into the pool of global experiences and I am grateful for it!"