Fellows overwhelmingly recommend Lex to friends

The firm visits have been really amazing, especially getting to know the attorneys. They’re very hospitable, very kind, but also willing to answer any questions I might have...if you have the chance to go abroad, take advantage of that.
— Kyleigh R., Liberty University
Lex opened my eyes to new ideas. It helped me with career discernment, allowed me to meet lawyers that I wouldn’t have met in a different situation, so I’m grateful for that. I became more responsible and more independent because it was my first time away from home. And it made me more studious because of the research we did.
— Ishmail H., North Carolina Wesleyan
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Compared to my other experiences, like my legal internship, Lex has been very unique, both in terms of getting to discover different fields of law, which is more diverse than just doing an internship, but also getting to connect with different types of lawyers on a daily basis.
— Lobna A., American University of Sarja
Being in the actual law firms has been incredible...I think I know exactly what I want to do because of the Lex Fellowship......After Lex, I realize that I definitely want to be a lawyer who works on an international scale and you cannot find that insight at an American law internship...I feel prepared to take on law school and a future law career because of Lex.
— Connor W., University of Florida
I loved seeing Madrid and the surrounding countryside with a group of students committed to learning about the law and culture of Spain. The Lex Fellowship revolutionized the way I understand my career goals and provided me with the intellectual foundation necessary to achieve them.
— Razi, Hillsdale College, Spring 2017
The unique aspect of the Lex Fellowship is that it’s so diverse. You don’t have to remain boxed into Corporate Law, for instance. You can experience Intellectual Property and so many other practice areas, so it’s such an incredible opportunity, and so I totally think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
— Deandra D., Hofstra University
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...when I walked into my 1L orientation I was a step above my peers; Lex had not only taught me what to expect, but also allowed me to gain practical skills that have been central to my success since day 1.
— Sadie H., Boston University
I honestly believe there is no other experience like it. It is such a unique professional, as well as cultural experience. I learned so much about the different areas of law, as well as the day-to-day activities of various lawyers. Being able to talk to lawyers from many different backgrounds and focuses, has served to renew my confidence in a legal career.
— Jordane, Florida State University, Spring 2017