The Lex Fellowship: An Overview

“Should I attend law school?”

“What are the different fields of law?”

“What is it like to be a lawyer?”

“What type of law most interests me?”

“How can I better prepare for law school?”

Frequently, students seek out The Lex Fellowship because they have some or all of the questions above. By complementing students’ classroom education with real-world, hands-on experiential learning, Lex gives Fellows the chance to uncover the answers to those questions for themselves.

The Lex Fellowship is an immersive legal education program for undergraduate students interested in law. During the course of the program, Fellows visit a variety of law firms and legal institutions alongside their Legal Advisor, a current law school student who acts as the cohort’s guide and mentor. Based in D.C. or Europe, Fellows experience various fields of law firsthand, develop their legal reasoning, and explore content they will encounter during their first year of law school.

Program Eligibility

The Lex Fellowship is designed for current undergraduate students interested in law who exhibit:

  • A strong work ethic

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Commitment to teamwork

  • Professionalism

  • Flexibility in new environments

  • A clear vision for why the Lex Fellowship is the right fit for them at this time

Program Impact

The Lex Fellowship is an excellent experience to showcase on your resume and a useful talking point in applications and interviews. See how the Fellowship can shine on a resume in the sample below.

Lex Fellowship Resume.PNG

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