Our Mission & Vision

In the spring of 2016, our founders set out to solve a common problem they saw in friends - uncertainty and confusion about the legal profession. The Lex Fellowship was born as a way to help students identify and pursue their passion confidently.

Universities do a wonderful job of providing a foundational legal/governmental education. Our role is to pick up where they leave off: to inculcate in our students the real-world insights, perspectives, and experience they need to transition smoothly and effectively into law school and the full-time professional world.

Since our founding, Lex has launched multiple successful programs to prepare undergraduate students to be the best possible applicants to law school through real-world, hands-on learning. Each Fellow leaves with renewed confidence in his or her professional direction and a clearer idea of what next steps to take.


Our mission is to prepare undergraduates interested in law to confidently pursue the legal profession through mentorship and exposure to diverse fields of law.


Our vision is to be the leading provider of real-world legal instruction to undergraduate students interested in law.