To contribute to society through the formation of young leaders in the legal field at the highest level of world-class professional excellence.

We guide future leaders in the discovery of their professional path through exposure to law across different practices and fields world-wide.


To become the world’s #1 leading organization for all issues law related.

Our goal from Day #1 has always been to prepare the student interested in law to succeed.

Law school is a significant investment of both time and financial resources. We believe it is prudent to fully determine beforehand if law school is right for you, and what type of law you would want to study. What's more, legal internships for non-law school students are incredibly difficult to find. We provide students with the opportunity to critically assess their future in the legal world.

Universities do a wonderful job of providing a foundational legal/governmental education. Our role is to pick up where they leave off: to inculcate in our students the real-world insights, perspectives, and experience they need to transition smoothly and effectively into other internships and the full-time professional world. Through the Lex Fellowship, and through new initiatives such as the Lex LSAT program, we strive to fill this gap. The Lex Fellowship is operated by Riverbed Education LLC, which is incorporated in Delaware and based in Arlington, Virginia with the sole mission of running study abroad programs.

Building Forward

The Lex Fellowship will, within the next three years, operate around the world, providing to hundreds of students a year the chance to learn something real, something meaningful, and something lasting.

We are immensely proud of the distance we've gone thus far, and eagerly look forward to the future.