Legal Advisors train, mentor, and guide their Fellow cohort

Dedicated to adding as much additional value as possible to the Fellows’ experience abroad, the Legal Advisor will:

  • Train Fellows on legal terminology

  • Accompany Fellows to firms

  • Work alongside Fellows on firm cases

  • Hold debrief sessions to discuss firm visits

  • Mentor Fellows on law school and the application process


“I not only found professional development value in getting to coordinate meetings with law firms and legal professionals for the enrichment of these students, but working with The Lex Fellowship was first and foremost an opportunity to pour into the lives of future leaders to help provide valuable mentorship, advice, and encouragement as they make important life decisions about academics and career paths. This was a wonderful opportunity to shape others positively through academic, professional, and relational development, and I am thrilled to have been a part of making that effort a reality.”

— Isaac S., Legal Advisor // Harvard Law School

“The Lex Fellowship provides an incredibly unique opportunity to network with attorneys from all over the world. Seeing the fellows develop their understanding of the legal concepts we were learning and gain confidence in themselves throughout the program was such a joy. Many of the Fellows I have worked with have continued to make strides towards being successful law school candidates, and hearing from many of them about how the Fellowship has continued to impact their education to this day has been incredibly rewarding. ”

— Sydney S., Legal Advisor // Washington College of Law


“The Lex Fellowship is a fortuitous and unique opportunity for those who are considering attending law school and life after the bar. Through Lex, students will be immersed in the life of a junior associate: working on cases, collaborating with peers, discussing recommendations with senior partners, and learning about the myriad of practice groups available to a modern practitioner. This is more than fetching coffee; this is actual, experiential work that will help you learn and grow as a prospective law student and lawyer. ”

— Tyler K., Legal Advisor // Georgetown Law School