Travel to Madrid for Real-World, Hands-On Legal Internships

3 Reasons Students Go On the Lex Fellowship


Vocational Discernment in Madrid, Spain

Lex Fellows travel to Madrid to visit 20+ firms, both large and small, in IP, Criminal, Environmental, Corporate, and more. Lex Fellows learn what it's really like to be a lawyer in manifold legal disciplines.


Insightful Conversations with Top Lawyers

Lex Fellows absorb decades' worth of experience and insight in a matter of hours, understanding a day in the life, how the lawyers got to where they are, and more. Fellows ask the lawyers questions that online searches never answered. 


Hands-On Experience in Real-World Cases

Before their visit to each firm, Fellows brief a case that the firm worked on, and then go through the case in-person with the lawyers, receiving guidance and insight. Fellows leave knowing what cases in each field are actually like.