Congratulations on advancing to the final round!

Now that you've been invited to interview, you're likely curious about the elements of the interview, as well as what the process will consist in from here until its conclusion. Both of those answers are provided below.

We strongly recommend coming to the interview having reviewed the below, and reflected seriously upon them.

The Interview

The interview is a 30-minute video conversation, during which we'll delve more deeply into your application, as well as simply get to know you better as a person.

The form of the interview will vary by candidate, but will generally consist in the following:

  • Introductions and sharing of backgrounds
  • Discussion of the candidate's resume and professional experiences
  • Exploration of the specifics of the Fellowship, and how well the candidate aligns to those elements
  • What the candidate would contribute to the Fellowship, and what value he/she would derive therefrom
  • Solidification of date preferences
  • Initial conversation regarding financial feasibility
  • Deeper conversation around the details of the Fellowship, followed by time for the candidate's questions

The Process

In keeping with our commitment to fast and effective communication, following their interviews candidates can expect to receive our decision within one business week.

If the candidate is not offered a position with the Fellowship, the candidate may still apply in the future, which we encourage. We will also offer feedback for the candidate as to why he or she was not admitted into the Fellowship at this time, in keeping with our desire to add value to every student, whether or not he or she attends.

If the candidate is offered a position, it then becomes a simple matter of preparing for the Fellowship, in terms of dates, flights, fees, and, most importantly, receiving training, meeting the team and site manager, and learning more about the lawyers and their firms.