Firm. Lunch. Firm. Fun.

No day is just like the one preceding it. That said, the days do follow a similar structure, and Fellows can expect to follow a pattern similar to the following:

Monday - Friday

7:30am: Wake up, prepare for the day, have breakfast provided by the Fellowship

8:30am: Take the metro to the first firm

9:00am: Brief the firm's case individually and collaboratively

9:30am: Meet with the firm's lawyers and managing partners about the firm, their field of law, what they've learned, what a day in the life is like, and, then, go through the case with them, offering your own insights, thoughts, and perspectives

12:30: Break for lunch

2:00pm: Take the metro to the second firm

2:30pm: Follow a similar pattern as that of the first visit

5:30pm: End-of-day meeting to discuss the day, make adjustments, and discuss tomorrow's plan

6:00pm: Break for the day; Fellows have free time

Saturday - Sunday

On one of these days, the Fellowship will lead an optional excursion. Excursions will typically last half the day, and may include:

  • Traveling to Toledo, Spain
  • Visiting a Spanish law school or court
  • Meeting local judges
  • Exploring local museums and parks
  • Dining at rooftop restaurants

Apart from the excursions, the Fellows enjoy the entire weekend to themselves, and are free to travel, explore, and relax.